Key points
• The use of cone beam weight-bearing computed tomography (WBCT) in the diagnostic pathway of ankle sprain (AS) and chronic ankle instability (CLAI) may be crucial to reduce the number of unseen associated lesions, thus reducing the number of unnecessary immobilizations in isolated AS and supporting the prescription of appropriate immobilization where necessary…

• WBCT axial loading measurements in syndesmotic injuries is sensitized by adding external torque…

• More advanced visualization tools, such…

François Lintz MD, MS, FEBOT (1), Alessio Bernasconi MD, PhD, FEBOT (2), Eric I. Ferkel MD (3)

  1. UCP Foot & Ankle Center, Ramsay Healthcare Clinique de L’Union, Saint-Jean, Toulouse, France
  2. Federico 2 University of Napoli, Napoli, Italy
  3. Southern California Orthopedic Institute, In Affiliation with UCLA Health, Los Angeles, CA, USA


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